• Hospitality starts with the people. We strive to develop Giethoorn Academy trainees in to skillful, knowledgeable workers, capable of adapting to challenges.

  • Inspire compassionate and understanding company cultures within the industry for healthier people.

  • Bringing such talent to the countryside to revitalize the industry for future generations.

Our Purpose / Goals for the industry

  • Creating skilled individuals able to work in various hospitality fields = Improved Service/Quality
  • Family oriented company cultures/management styles = Improved work morale/ job satisfaction / less turnover
  • Countryside revitalization = Developing rural tourism/ enriching local communities
  • Unique expertise = Developing skills in specific hospitality fields (Wine, beer, gastronomy)
  • Inspiring future generations for the industry = Developing a modern image of what hospitality is today
If you have any question or comment, please get a hold of us in whichever way is most convenient for you!
Giethoorn Hospitality, Agri & Tourism
Beulakerweg 30
8355 AH Giethoorn
The Netherlands
P.: +31(0)521362720
M.: +31(0)621274063

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