Our Giethoorn Family

We have agri and energy roots in the (peat)farm history of Giethoorn and the wetlands. This energy we use for the fuel of the next generation hospitality and tourism.

In our family we have balanced personalities being original (creative), state-of-the-art (innovative), curious and analytical rebels, trained to apply their knowledge and skills to develop projects in the countryside.

– We work with specialist who, with a “-like ease” are able to adapt to an ever-changing environment with an eye for operations, business and society (people).

We connect our inspirational islands by continuous co-operation with professionals and creative spirits who leave footprints in the world.

We understand the need for the continued evolution of the countryside by hospitality, agri & tourism and we are passionate about it. We are specialist consultancy working with clients in Europe and Asia who want to maximize the potential of rural land or assets. Our team is diverse, but we all share a love for the countryside and a deeply held desire to work in it and make a difference.

With hospitality we mix the disciplines of food and agricultural tourism, offering the first multidisciplinary consultancy approach to food and cultural tourism, countryside experience and the role it plays in economic development, destination marketing, and gastronomic exploration.

It provides a comprehensive introduction to the discipline by considering food tourism in connection with both cultural values and important issues in agriculture, food consumption and safety, and rural heritage and sustainability

Our knowledge is built upon 3 generations of hospitality experience and operational experience in Europe and Asia.

In 1958 the grandmother of our founder opened a Giethoorn homestay and hospitality and we quickly realized the strength that hospitality has in connecting with cultures and people. Some innovations were made; such as a new garden room, more hotel rooms and a large terrace on the waterside were added when Roelie the next generation took over the business from her mother.

Of course, inspired by these two entrepreneurs, our founder Gabriella worked in hotels and restaurants from a young age cooking Michelin star restaurants strengthened her love for Giethoorn Gastronomy. She sell regional products by the roadside, took guests out boating, and help in the kitchen. Understanding an important thing about hospitality: The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer hospitality experiences.        

If you have any question or comment, please get a hold of us in whichever way is most convenient for you!
Giethoorn Hospitality, Agri & Tourism
Beulakerweg 30
8355 AH Giethoorn
The Netherlands
P.: +31(0)521362720
M.: +31(0)621274063
E.: family@giethoornhospitality.com

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